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With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, educators around the globe have had to adapt their teaching to accommodate stay-at-home mandates. Because of the timing of the outbreak, many have had to transition their courses to an online format in a short period of time. Making such a transition poses unique challenges for science and mathematics instruction. How can anatomy labs be conducted via distance education? How do you continue mathematics instruction with manipulatives when students are learning at home? What special challenges have you overcome during this pandemic?

EJRSME is seeking short, practitioner contributions to be showcased in upcoming issues that describe how science and mathematics educators are adapting their instruction during the current pandemic. Contributions should be approximately 3-5 pages (single-spaced) and should reflect effective practices in science and mathematics education or teacher education. To submit your manuscript for review, use the EJRSME online submission system. Manuscripts will be accepted on an ongoing basis; those received by June 1, 2020 can be considered for the upcoming issue.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Mark A. Bloom & Sarah Quebec Fuentes, Co-Editors EJRSME

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