Working Together to Prepare Teachers of Science and Language: Examining the Value of Collaboration Among Science and Language Faculty

Margarita Jimenez-Silva, Peter Rillero, Joi Merritt, Michael F Kelley


This qualitative study examines the change in a preserve program as our faculty members systematically work together to change the culture of our college to one in which everyone assists future teachers to work with ELLs. The iTeach ELL Systems Framework has promoted understanding of the interconnected nature of student learning, which includes: university/school partnerships designed to impact that learning through more effectively prepared teacher candidates, school and university organizational features, and state statutes and policy regulations. One focus of this work is to infuse problem-based learning (PBL) and ELL strategies into science methods courses. This qualitative study of efforts and approaches to reform science methods courses has identified three themes: a) Value of Agreeing on Terms (b) Value of Integrating Content and Language Learning (c) Value of Presenting a Unified Message. Successes and challenges for supporting pre-service teachers to develop knowledge of both PBL and ELL strategies are discussed.


English language learners, problem-based learning, science teacher education

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