Delivering University Science Content/Education Courses To High-School Science Teachers Via Telecommunications: An Evaluation

Derrick R. Lavoie


The purpose of this evaluative study was to determine the effects of teaching five university science content/education courses to high-school science teachers via computers and modems. A user-friendly menu-driven software conferencing system allowed instructors to engage the participating teachers in learning activities characteristic of an actual classroom such as posing and responding to questions, disseminating information, handing in work and receiving feedback. Instructor interviews and participant surveys were conducted to assess attitudes and learning outcomes relative to the course delivery, the effectiveness of the electronic medium, and participant/instructor interactions. Overall, the courses were viewed as worthwhile by the participants and instructors. Both instructors and participants experienced a brief frustration period at the beginning of each course while learning to use the electronic medium. As the courses progressed instructor roles became increasingly facilitative, with cooperative learning and inquiry questioning becoming predominant instructional strategies.


Science; Education;

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