Effect of Gender on Computer-Based Chemistry Problem Solving: Early Findings

David D. Kumar , Stanley L. Helgeson


A study of the effect of gender on a computer-based approach to solving stoichiometric chemical equations is reported. Five chemical equations were presented by a HyperCard program (Hyperequation) on a Macintosh computer to 30 male and 30 female high school students. Scoring was based on correctness of response and rate of attempt. T-test results indicated no significant differences. The implication is that the feedback provided by the software might have had an effect on reducing the gender gap. However, upon a closer examination the results showed that correctness means for males were higher than that for females, and the rate of attempt for males was higher than that for females. Reducing any gender effects in technology based science education remains an area for research and development.


Science; Education;Gender;Computer;Chemistry

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