A Continuum For Assessing Science Process Knowledge In Grades K-6

  • Micheal E. Beeth
  • Linda Cross
  • Christy Pearl
  • Janice Pirro
  • Kara Yagnesak
  • Janette Kennedy
Keywords: Science, Education, Grades K-6


Editor's Note: The following manuscript includes a great deal of evaluative forms directly related to its content. While technology allows for file transfers from one format to another, unfortunately complete formatting transfers sometimes result in some formatting loss. Please contact the first author, via e-mail, to inquire as to how to receive complete copies of the forms. Accurate assessment of science process knowledge provide teachers, parents and district administrators with information on the effectiveness of enacted curricula, and policy makers with information about the effectiveness of the inquiry based instructional approaches recommended for science teaching and learning. This article reports on the development and implementation of a rubric for assessing science process knowledge in grades K-6. Excerpts from interviews conducted with teachers applying this rubric to assess students' science process knowledge are presented to substantiate claims about the usefulness of the rubric as an assessment tool.

Author Biographies

Micheal E. Beeth
Ohio State University
Linda Cross
Highland Park Elementary, Grove City, OH
Christy Pearl
Highland Park Elementary, Grove City, OH
Janice Pirro
Highland Park Elementary, Grove City, OH
Kara Yagnesak
Highland Park Elementary, Grove City, OH
Janette Kennedy
Highland Park Elementary, Grove City, OH