Content Specific Vignettes as Tools for Research and Teaching

  • William R. Veal, Ph.D.
Keywords: Science, Education, Tools, Teaching, Research


The purpose of this article is to present four content specific vignettes or open cases that can be used for research studies and in methods classes to foster conceptual understanding on teaching and learning. A discussion of why and how to use vignettes and the importance of content specific vignettes are presented. Two chemistry and two physics vignettes are described and included as appendices. In addition, tables are provided that give the pedagogical and content issues and problems associated with the vignettes. Correct content statements are also included so that these can be used in research studies and methods classes. Suggestions and implications are included to guide researchers in the potential areas of implementation.

Author Biography

William R. Veal, Ph.D.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill