Advanced Placement Environmental Science: Implications of Gender and Ethnicity

  • Rebecca Penwell
Keywords: Science, Education, Advanced Placement, Environmental, Gender, Ethnicity


The purpose of this study was to determine the attitudes of students in Advanced Placement Environmental Science (APES) in Florida, California, and New York. Previous research has concluded that males have more positive attitudes toward science than females. Other studies have reported Black students having more positive attitudes than White students. This study found no effect of gender or ethnicity on the students' attitudes toward their APES class. On average, the attitudes of all students were positive and were not affected by gender or ethnicity. Do these students have positive attitudes because they are advanced students? Did they respond to the survey according to how they thought their teacher would want them to respond? Where do science educators and researchers go from here? Does APES hold the key to promoting positive attitudes toward the environment for other populations? This is an area of study that should be explored because of the significant questions and concerns that have arisen.

Author Biography

Rebecca Penwell
Brenau University