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1996 Volume 1, Number 1 Guest Editorial: Between two Worlds: Why another (electronic) journal? Details   HTML
Carl Berger, Ph.D.
1999 Volume 3, Number 3 Guest Editorial: Delivery Models for Elementary Science Instruction: A Call for Research Details   HTML
Julie Gess-Newsome
1997 Volume 2, Number 2 Guest Editorial: How We Teach and How Students Learn -- A Mismatch? Details   HTML
Lillian McDermott
2003 Volume 7, Number 3 Guest Editorial: Let Us Not Leave Any Qualified Teacher of Science Behind Details   PDF
John R. Staver
1997 Volume 1, Number 2 Guest Editorial: Possible Lives or Shattered Dreams? Details   HTML
William Kyle, Ph.D. , Charles D. Schmitz, Ph.D. , Elizabeth A. Schmitz, Ph.D.
1997 Volume 2, Number 1 Guest Editorial: Science Education A Science? Details   HTML
Robert E. Yager
1997 Volume 1, Number 4 Guest Editorial: The professional development of science teacher educators: Is there a missing piece? Details   HTML
Sandra K. Abell
2001 Volume 5, Number 4 Guest Editorial: What is Meant by Constructivist Science Teaching and Will the Science Education Community Stay the Course for Meaningful Reform? Details   HTML
Larry D. Yore
1999 Volume 3, Number 4 Guest Editorial: When Public Understanding of Science Thwarts Standards-Based Science Education Details   HTML
John R. Staver
2001 Volume 6, Number 2 High School Students' Perceptions of Evolutionary Theory Abstract   PDF
C. Sheldon Woods, Ph.D , Lawerence C. Scharmann,Ph.D
2003 Volume 7, Number 3 Higher Education in Environmental Sciences: The Effects of Incorporating Expert Information in Group Discussions of a Transdisciplinary Case Study Abstract   PDF
Ralf Hansmann , Roland W. Scholz , Helmut W. Crott, Harald A. Mieg
2009 Volume 13, Number 1 How does a curriculum intervention that anchors instruction to the study of urban coyote behavior affect student learning? Abstract   PDF
Jonathan G. Way
2005 Volume 9, Number 3 Implementing EarthComm: Teacher Professional Development and Its Impact on Student Achievement Scores in a Standards-Based Earth Science Curriculum Abstract   PDF
Do-Yong Park, Ph.D. , Robert E. Yagar, Ph.D., Michael Smith, Ph.D.
2009 Volume 13, Number 1 Improvements in Student Achievement and Science Process Skills Using Environmental Health Science Problem-Based Learning Curricula Abstract   PDF
Chris Keil, Jodi Haney, Jennifer Zoffel
1999 Volume 3, Number 4 Improving Graphing Intrepretation Skills and Understanding of Motion Using Microcomputer Based Laboratories Abstract   HTML
Michael Svec, Ph.D.
1997 Volume 1, Number 3 Incorporating the World Wide Web in the Science Classroom Abstract   HTML
Alec M. Bodzin
1999 Volume 4, Number 2 Inquiring into Three Approaches to Hands-On Learning in Elementary and Secondary Science Methods Courses Abstract   HTML
Marianne B. Barnes, Ph.D. , Kathleen R. Foley
2000 Volume 4, Number 3 Inquiry, Nature of Science, and Evolution: The Need for a More Complex Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Science Teaching Abstract   HTML
Charles J. Eick, Ph.D.
1998 Volume 3, Number 1 Inquiry: Learning from the Past with an Eye on the Future Details   HTML
Ronald J. Bonnstetter
2003 Volume 7, Number 3 Interactive and Affective Behaviors of Teaching Assistants in a First Year Physics Laboratory Abstract   PDF
Zahra Hazari , A.W. Key , John Pitre
2006 Volume 11, Number 1 Investigating the Effects of an Aquatic Ecology Graduate Course for Teachers: Linking Teaching to the Environment and Community Abstract   PDF
Yvonne Meichtry, Jeff Smith
1996 Volume 1, Number 1 Investigating the Inconsistencies in College Student Responses to Natural Selection Test Questions Abstract   HTML
John Settlage , Murray Jensen
2001 Volume 5, Number 3 Issues Associated with Inserting Computer Simulations into Biology Instruction: A Review of the Literature Abstract   HTML
Joseph P. Akpan
1996 Volume 1, Number 1 Journal Staff Details   PDF
John R. Cannon
1997 Volume 1, Number 2 Journal Staff Details   PDF
John R. Cannon
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